Guidelines C, D, E

Academic Promotions

Guide and Checklist for Applicants to Level C, D and E.



The intent of this document is to provide an overview of the academic promotions process for applications to levels C, D and E at Curtin University, Malaysia. It has tools and tips to assist you to prepare your application for promotion.

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The academic promotion process is supported by the Academic Promotions Procedures, available on the Curtin Malaysia staff portal webpage. The process is managed by Human Resources and there is one round of promotion for levels C, D and E each year.

Promotion is assessed by the University Academic Promotions Committee (UAPC) ** and is approved by the Pro Vice-Chancellor.

In this document UAPC ** is referred to as ‘the committee’.

Academic staff will provide evidence of their sustained high performance at their current level and the potential to perform at least to the minimum standard of the academic promotion for the level of promotion applied for, as outlined in the Academic Capability Framework (ACF).

Academic staff who are employed in a Teaching Academic role would not normally address the research category, however academic staff may choose to do so.

Academic staff who are employed in a Research Academic role are required to address the teaching category.

It is recommended you commence collating your evidence and documentation, and meet with your Head of Department (HOD) and Faculty Dean, prior to the call for applications. The due dates have been carefully considered and it is essential that these dates are adhered to. Late applications will not be considered. If you are having difficulties, please contact Human Resources as soon as possible.

While a successful promotion outcome is validation of your sustained high performance at Curtin, it will not have direct influence on your employment contract status or any plans for change within your Department or Faculty.

In all promotions documentation, where the applicant is not Faculty-based (e.g. CMRI) the Faculty Dean means the relevant Executive Manager and the Head of Department (HOD) means the relevant Head of Area.

Full-time and fixed term academic staff are eligible to apply for promotion. You must have completed 24 months continuous service since appointment at Curtin Malaysia or your most recent promotion at Curtin Malaysia.


Unsuccessful applicants is not eligible to apply for promotion in the next round.


Normally, applications are made from one level to the next. In exceptional circumstances, a request to apply for promotion to a level higher than the next can be made.

Promotion to the next level is based on demonstrating:

  1. Appropriate qualifications and skills; and
  2. Demonstrate of excellence at the next level.

For example, Kate is currently a level B and has applied for promotion to level D. Kate must demonstrate excellence at level C.

If you are applying for a higher level than the next then you will only be considered for promotion at the higher level. That is, using the example above, Kate’s application will be reviewed by the promotion to level D only.

Contact the Human Resources personnel if you are applying to a level higher than the next.

You   are   required   to   demonstrate   evidence   in   three   criteria:   Learning   &   Teaching, Research/Creative works and Service & Leadership.


To achieve promotion to Level C you will be required to:

  • Achieve an average score of ≥ 3 for any two of the criteria (Learning & Teaching, Research/Creative Works, Service & Leadership)
  • Achieve an average score of ≥ 2 for remaining criteria.

Minimum promotion scores for Level C

Role Learning &




Service &


Teaching & Research 3 3 2
Teaching & Research 2 3 3
Teaching & Research 3 2 3
Research Only 3 3
Teaching Only 3 3


To achieve promotion to Level D and E, you will be required to:

  • Achieve an average score of ≥ 3 for Service & Leadership
  • Achieve an average score of ≥ 3 for either Learning & Teaching OR Research/Creative Works.
  • Achieve an  average  score  ≥  2  for  the  other  criteria  (Learning  &  Teaching  OR Research/Creative Works)

Minimum promotion scores for Levels D and E

Role Learning &




Service &


Teaching & Research 2 3 3
Teaching & Research 3 2 3
Research Only 3 3
Teaching Only 3 3

The types of evidence required are outlined in the Academic Capability Framework. You are not expected to address every capability area. The ACF offers applicants flexibility and opportunities for acknowledge of academic activities; for example, much emphasis is placed on building teaching and research capability through activities such as mentoring and career sponsorship of colleagues, as well as influential leadership to build teams, cross-disciplinary collaborations and cross-campus collaborations. The University remains focused on the quality and impact of outcomes and achievements in the categories of Teaching, Research and Engagement, in relation to the academic level being sought. 


Your statements should be using font 11 Times New Roman and 1 spacing. If the maximum of two pages is exceeded, additional pages will be removed before presentation to the Committee.

Maximum of two pages to address the Learning & Teaching and Service & Leadership criteria (plus one page to Level E to address contribution as Professor) and when addressing the criteria, make clear, concise, evidence-based statements that highlight the quality outcomes achieved in your duties. Clarify whether your activities are at Department, Faculty, University, state, national or international level.

Sample template for statement against criteria:

Name Faculty Level applying for







Applicants are not required to fill in this section. The selection panel will refer to the Research

Output Report prepared by ORD.








All applicants:

  • State your achievements since your last application for promotion or your appointment to Curtin.
  • Highlight your achievements for the past 3 years.
  • Provide evidence of sustained performance and achievement relative to opportunity that aligns with excellence benchmarks for the promotion level being sought, as outlined in the Academic Capability Framework.

Applicants to levels D and E are also required to state:

How do you envisage yourself contributing to the University as an Associate Professor/Professor and what will you bring to the University in terms of leadership and how it relates to the University and Faculty Strategic Plans and Curtin Values and Signature Behaviours.

In this section you should outline how the status of being a senior academic of the University will benefit you, and conversely for the Department, Faculty and University. The Strategic Plan states that Curtin will ‘empower our staff to lead as part of a strong, values-lead organisation’. This is a key statement when considering your response.

The Strategic Plan is also available from the Office of Planning and Quality portal.

The due dates have been carefully considered and it is essential you adhere to the stated dates. All dates are published on the academic promotions webpage.

The application form will be made available on the promotions webpage when the round is open.

Please note that any additional documentation (other than the requested documentation) will be removed from your application.

Your CV is expected to be up to date and include content as would be provided for an academic job application. It should be a full academic CV with your relevant education, lists of publications, grants and information on other academic activities, such as awards, teaching and supervision duties. It is expected that standard academic referencing will be used for all publication lists. You are to ensure that your CV does not exceed 10 pages.

Applicants must obtain the report from Curtin Malaysia Office of Research & Development by sending their request to the Dean, R&D. This will be a report of their personal research outcomes. The reporting period is at the applicant’s discretion – it is suggested to go back at least three years, depending when an applicant commenced work at the University.

The report in a standardised format which will include verified data on:

  • RPI form finalised, post-appeal RPI Rounds
  • Publications
  • Internal research grants won
  • External research grants won
  • Other relevant research achievements or contributions

All applicants addressing the Teaching & Learning criteria who have teaching or coordination duties must include eVALUate reports with their application. You are required to attach all of your eVALUate Unit Summary Report (USRs) and Teaching Evaluation Reports (TERs) for the last 3 years.

Please ensure the cover pages are removed before including your eVALUates with your application.

Full Unit Reports (FURs) are a reflection of all of the teaching team and not just your individual role, and therefore not to be included in your application.

Your eVALUate reports will be assessed by the committee with regard to:

  • The response rate and how representative this is of the whole group.
  • The student percentage agreement with the 11 qualitative survey items and how they compare to the other units for the teaching area, Faculty and University.
  • Whether a response to students has been published in the USR which acknowledges their feedback and communicates how it will be used to make improvements.

Information on how to interpret response rates and the distinctions between eVALUate reports is available on the eVALUate webpage.

From 2021, all applicants will need to provide a Summative Peer Review of Educational Practice Report (PREP) as part of their application. This is a mandatory consideration by the committees when assessing the applications.

The Formative PREP Report provides evidence of peer review being used to develop/improve educational practice.

The Summative PREP Report is the preferred document for your promotion application as it provides as assessment of your educational practice, judged against Curtin’s seven Teaching Excellence Criteria.

Information on PREP is available on the Curtin Australia Learning & Teaching website.

The relevant committee will assess your application and make recommendations for promotion to the Pro Vice-Chancellor. Your performance will be assessed by the committee against the standards defined in the Academic Capability Framework.

Promotion will recognise and reward you for overall sustained high performance, relative to opportunity, in duties appropriate to your current level and academic role, and capacity to perform satisfactorily at the level you have applied for. Taken into consideration are your achievements since appointment, promotion or last application, level of impact and quality of your activities and your contribution to the University.

Your performance level is scored by the committee against a five-point scale (below).

Performance Score Description
Outstanding 4 Consistently achieves excellence and goes beyond performance expectations of the role
Excellent 3 Consistently achieves higher than the specified duties of the role
Good 2 Satisfies the performance expectations for the specified duties of the role
Satisfactory 1 Partially satisfies the performance expectations for the specified duties of the role
Unsatisfactory 0 Does not meet the performance expectations for the specified duties of the role

When applying for promotion it is important to remember to demonstrate evidence of a body of work over a number of years. As a guide, select the years since your appointment at Curtin or your last promotion and highlight your achievements over the last 3 years. It usually takes working at Curtin for 2 years to show evidence of sustained performance and impact.


A list of committee members is provided on the academic promotion portal.

To assist with deliberations, committees may invite persons to attend who can provide informed or expert comment to a discipline area.

Canvassing of committee members, either by you or by someone on your behalf, will result in your application being withdrawn from the promotion round. Canvassing includes any attempt to solicit support for promotion from the committee member.

Applications to levels C, D and E in each academic promotions round will be assessed by the University Academic Promotion Committee (UAPC). The UAPC is comprised of up to 9 sitting members.


You will need to advise Human Resources of any perceived, actual or potential conflicts of interest with a member of the committee assessing your application. Please refer to the Conflict of Interest Procedures.

The Chair of the relevant committee will review and assess all declared conflicts of interest. If it is determined that you have a perceived, actual or potential conflict of interest the committee member will not be provided with access to your application.


Official notification of the outcome will be sent to your Curtin University, Malaysia email address.


The effective date for promotion is 1 January of the following year.


If your application was unsuccessful, please contact your Faculty Dean to discuss your feedback. Your Faculty Dean will provide you with the committee’s feedback and advice on your future applications and career trajectory.

Unsuccessful applicants will not normally be eligible to apply for promotion in the next round.


If you believe the academic promotion process followed was not keeping with the Academic Promotion Procedures, you may request a review. The review of your claims will be based on the validity of the process and not on the outcome of your application. Refer to the Procedures for information on the review process.

If you are intending to apply for academic promotion to level C, D and E the below checklists will assist you with planning your application. It is highly recommended that you commence working on your application prior to the call for the round open.

The following items will be deleted from your application:

  • additional pages to the statements against criteria (other than the level D and E leadership statement); and
  • documentation not requested in the promotion process, e.g. copies of award certificates, FURs.

Preparing for promotion checklist:

  • I have read all the information on the staff portal and in this guide
  • I have made a time to meet with my HOD and Faculty Dean to discuss my intent to apply
  • I am collating evidence to demonstrate excellence at my current level relative to opportunity
  • I am updating my full academic CV and list of publications and grants
  • I am updating Office of R&D on my research activities so that I can provide my current Research Output Report.
  • I am collating my eVALUate reports from the last 3 years
  • I have made arrangements for a PREP Report
  • I have familiarized myself with the Academic Capability Framework

Application checklist:  

All applicants, except where stated must submit:

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae, including lists of publications and grants
  • Research Output Report
  • Learning & Teaching: eVALUate reports from last 3 years only
  • Learning & Teaching: PREP report

Peer support and mentoring:

Consider creating a peer support group within your Department to assist each other and provide peer review. If you are unsure if you are ready to apply for promotion yet, seeking a mentor who will provide honest and meaningful feedback may be useful.  If you have already gained promotion, consider offering yourself as a mentor within your faculty.

Human Resources:

Contact the Human Resources for advice and guidance.
For help with promotions process or issues regarding downloading application form, email