Timeline for application to Level C, D and E                                    

Please take note that due dates have been carefully considered and it is essential that these dates as stated in the email and in the timeline below are adhered to.

Action By Action Item To Closing Date Document Checklist
All applicant Submission of Academic Promotion Application Form Human Resources Thursday

30 September 2021

  • Academic Promotion Application Form
  • Statement against criteria
  • Research Output Report obtained from Office of R&D
  • eValuate Report i.e. USRs
  • eValuate Report i.e. TERs
  • Peer Review Teaching reports
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) – 10 pages
University Academic Promotion Committee (UAPC) Early November 2021
Notification of outcomes to applicants Mid November 2021
Effective date of successful academic promotions January 2022

*Last updated on 4 August 2021.