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Quality Enhancement

Quality Enhancement Committee (QEC)
The office provides executive support to the Quality Enhancement Committee (QEC) which   oversees the Campus commitment to quality assurance and enhancement processes.

Terms of Reference for QEC (Link):

Integrating Planning, Budget and Quality Management: CIC Cycle and ADRI Approach
CSM’s commitment to quality improvement is accomplished through a Continuous Improvement Cycle (CIC) process: Approach, Deployment, Review/Results and Improvement (ADRI).

Schedule for Annual Assessment, Planning and Budgeting Cycle (Link)
The continuous improvement cycle (CIC) comprises: strategic planning; operational planning; alignment of the budgeting process with the planning process; performance assessment of academic and service areas; staff performance management programme; and improvement. The table below indicates the steps in the cycle.




Approach August Planning at Area/School Level (1st week of August)
Develop next fiscal year’s area plans (objectives, action plans, assessment methods, and resource requirements) based on the SP.

Planning at University Level (3rd week of Aug)
Develop and review Operational Priorities at University level or re-visit the Strategic Plan.

  September Budget at Area Level/School Level
Develop budget at area/school level, linking budgetary needs to Planning.
  October Budget at University Level

  • Present next fiscal year’s departmental budgetary needs linking expenditure to Planning.
  • Develop the next year’s University proposed budget based on area plans.
  November Finalization & Approval

  • Present School budget to the BOB.
  • Approval from BOD.
  • Send feedback regarding next year’s finalized budget to the Heads after BOD authorization.
Deployment Jan – Dec (On-going ) Implementation of the Strategic Plans and supporting plans
Achieving KPIs targets
Review July – August 1st Bi- annual Review  

  • Review progress of Strategic Plan and Unit Operational Plan
  • Assess the effectiveness of the processes and services (CASS) and programs and student learning outcomes (eValuate).
  • Assess the total budget expended according to the planned budget (early July).
Improvement August – Dec Using Results for Improvement

  • Track improved KPIs and KPIs behind target
  • Recognition of courses that perform well and courses with declining students or with poor performance
  • Action Planning for improvement in gaps from assessment and evaluation such as CASS and eVAluate
  August Revise next year’s plans/targets/KPIs and budget
  November Performance Management Program
Staff Performance Management Program commences.
  Nov – Dec The PVC reports interim assessment and results to the Vice Chancellor and Curtin Sarawak Council.
  Feb- March 2nd  Bi-Annual Review

  • Overview of the progress of the Strategic Plan and supporting plans until Dec
  • Overview of the KPIs progress and targets.

Quality Improvement Plan(s)
PQA coordinates the development, monitor and follow up on Quality Improvement Plans for the reviews, assessments and evaluation visits (excluding Teaching & Learning) such as CASS, Accreditation visits and quality assurance visits from government and validating professional agencies.  T & L is handled by a separate unit/committee.

  • AUQA Improvement Plan
  • CASS Improvement Plan
  • Engineering Improvement Plan
  • Others

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