PQA – Tracking KPI

Tracking Organisational Performance and Annual Report on the Progress of the Strategic Plan

Tracking Performance
Curtin Sarawak is committed to a performance management culture which involves:

  • Clear targets
  • Using quantified measures to chart progress toward targets
  • Monitoring and reporting on the results achieved
  • Using the feedback to continuously to improve the outcomes and the process of achieving them.

Mechanisms to Track Performance
Curtin Sarawak uses several mechanisms to track organizational performance. Among them are

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Feedback mechanisms– survey of students, graduates and employers (CASS, Employer Surveys)
  • Course Performance Report –semester report from the eVALuate

KPIs Framework

Curtin Sarawak is implementing a KPI framework to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2010 – 2013.  The Strategic Plan incorporates 22 KPIs covering the five perspectives – Culture, Teaching & Learning, Research & Development, Students & Clients, and Financial Capability. The KPIs provide meaningful indicators to the Board and Council regarding the performance and progress of the Campus.

Grading System
Curtin Sarawak uses a simple grading mechanism to track the KPIs and/or the Campus progress in the achievement of targets.

  • A: Target achieved, Reset Target
  • B: Target within reach
  • C: Challenge to achieve target
  • D: Major policy required to reverse trend

Implementing the KPI Framework: Progress Report

PQA will report the Campus performance against the KPIs twice yearly to the Board or the Council. The first report for the calendar year is submitted between August – October. The final report will be submitted during March – April of the following year.

Progress Report

  • 2008 Progress of the Strategic Plan  (Link)
  • 2009 Progress of the Strategic Plan (Link)

Feedback Mechanisms

Student feedback for improvement purposes : Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction Survey (CASS) 
CASS is the main instrument to survey the students of their Campus life experiences with the facilities, services and co-curricular activities. Apart from responding to questions about Campus experiences, this survey includes a section where students provide feedback on three course related questions, namely: value for money; international awareness; and satisfaction with course quality.
Effective 2008, the Campus has developed a CASS Improvement Plan (link) to reduce the gaps from the findings.

Survey Outcomes: Link 

Employer Survey
In addition to internal survey, an external survey of the employers’ is conducted to gauge the students’ achievement of the Curtin Graduate Attributes.

Survey Outcomes: (Link)

  • 2008
  • 2009

Information received through graduate and employer surveys is fed back into the Annual Course Review and Comprehensive Course Review process in accordance with the Curriculum 2010 project

Course Performance Report – eVaLUATE

  • Unit Surveys: eVALUate

eVALUate is an online unit evaluation system which is compulsory for all units. The instrument enables students to provide feedback on teaching and learning in all programmes each semester.

eVALUate Outcomes: Link

  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009

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